Skin-first makeup

Formulated by skin experts.

Chosen by AI

Our formulas know you.

Vegan & cruelty-free

Obviously — it's 2024.

LGBTQ+ Owned

Because makeup is colourful.

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Prime Collagen® Makeup Primer
Prime Collagen® Makeup Primer
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Literally the best.

This entire box is just here to tell you that Prime Collagen® is literally the best primer on the market. Compare her to any other primer out there — we promise, you'll be hooked.

Made for makeup.

Prime Collagen® comes from the world of skincare, but don't get it twisted — this is a makeup essential. Specially formulated to allow your foundation and concealer to glide on effortlessly with no caking or dry spots.

Blend away the pores.

Our formula is specifically formulated with pore-blurring in mind. When you use Prime Collagen® as your technical base, your glam lasts longer, looks more natural, and stays hydrated.